Maasai Mara

Boopathi Rajaa

Welcoming the dawn

is an early riser Topi,

some cats getting ready for work,

and the tall guy standing over the horizon.

When the coast is clear,

it's family bonding time

for the little big ones,

for the little little ones,

for the hunters,

and for the royalties

Some of them get lost,

but do not care.

While a few others,

keep figuring things out.

Some of them

are busy with important things,

and some of them

are just lonely.


stay angry,

and some


live the moment.

Mara is the home to some of

the most dangerous


or, maybe not yet!

Wait. Where were we? Right!

Dangerous predators


who stare right at you.

They maybe hiding behind a tree

or on top of one.

They may pass through little

shadows and bushes,

or may even walk out in the open.


none of them

are shy!

They strike a predatory stare right at you

that takes your breath away!

In this moment, nothing else matters.

You can't look away

and you don't want to.

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